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We've had several players come through the Coppell Baseball programs that have continued playing in College and the Pros.  Here's a list of our Hall of Famers: (if we missed you please email us!)


Player Year College/Prof Team




Josh Bell


Pittsburgh Pirates

Patrick Vickery


Adam Toth 2011 Baylor Univ
Matthew Kaskow 2011 Wofford College
Campbell Cooper 2011 Navarro College
Kristopher Gardner 2010 Prestonwood Christian/Wichita State Univ
Tanner Kalina 2010 Jesuit HS/Houston Baptist University
Ian Richards 2009 Prestonwood Christian/Frank Phillips Jr. College
Chad Kettler 2009 University of Oklahoma
David Walsh 2009 University of Texas - Arlington
Jonathan Walsh 2009 University of Texas - Austin
Michael Apple 2009 Texas A & M University
Zach Hermans 2009 Princeton University
Tyler Cannon 2009 Lon Morris Jr. College
Andy Pratt 2008 University of Arkansas
Cole Green 2007 University of Texas - Austin
Jonathan Kaskow 2007 Stanford University
David de la Chapelle 2007 University of South Carolina
Chris Castillo 2007 University of Memphis
Cameron Watten 2007 Abilene Christian University
Andrew Rehling 2007 Hardin Simmons University
Tyler Rucker 2006 Northwood University
Austin Goolsby 2006 Embry-Riddle University
Jim Roberts 2006 University of Texas-Tyler
Riley Shea 2006 Richland College
Michael Morgan 2005 Hardin Simmons University
Tommy Yates 2005 Boise State
Anthony Walsh 2005 Hardin Simmons University
Trey Watten 2005 Abilene Christian Univ/Milwaukee Brewers
Corey Kluber 2004 Stetson (FL) Univ/San Diego Padres
Kaelan Jones 2004 University of Texas-Arlington
Mark McFadden 2004 North Central Com Col
Seth Garrison 2004 TCU/Boston Red Sox
Brett Amyx 2003 University of Texas-Tyler
Steve Mitchell 2003 Tyler Jr Col
Chad Wester 2002 Weatherford Com Col
Hunter Pelt 2002 Olney Central Col
John Infante 2002 Texas A&M Univ
Trey Adams 2002 University of Nebraska
Adam Morris 2001 Rice Univ
Christopher Walsh 2001 Abilene Christian Univ
Koley Kolberg 2001 Arizona Univ
Michael Tennison 2001 Lon Morris
Brandon Fusilier 2000 University of Nebraska
David Ryan 2000 Navarro Com Col
Jason Stokes 2000 Florida Marlins
Zach Cherry 2000 Oklahoma/SW TX
Austin Mix 1999 University of Oklahoma
Mike Samples 1998 SE Okla State
Bryan Vogel 1997 Tulane University
Rocky Cherry 1997 University of Oklahoma/San Diego Padres
Allen Roberts 1995 Texas Lutheran
Andy Patterson 1995 Austin College
Brent Smith 1995 Northwood
Josh Teare 1995 Abilene Christian Univ
Sam Welsh 1995 Tyler Jr College
Scott McCurdy 1995 Texarkana Jr College
Sean Smith 1995 Oklahoma/Baylor Univ
Bryan Harris 1994 Lubbock Christian Col
Mark Rash 1994 Tarleton State
Sean Kernan 1994 Army
Chad Polk 1993 Baylor Univ
Mike Ladusau 1993 Lubbock Christian Col
Tracy Nokes 1993 Collin Cnty College
Scott Smith 1992 Texas A & M
Steve Boatman 1989 Houston Astros
Paul Britt 1989 Tarleton State
Blake Randolph 1985 SE Oklahoma
Craig Hatchell 1985 Univ Texas Arlington
Clint Scott 1984 Ranger Jr College


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