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What is the Coppell Baseball Association?

Coppell Baseball Association (CBA) is a Texas non-profit corporation that is tax exempt per Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  CBA is operated by its board members who are volunteers from the community that enjoy baseball and working with youth. The board members spend countless hours away from their families and jobs to provide the best baseball program for the youth of Coppell. 

What is the purpose of CBA?

CBA was formed to instill in the youth of Coppell through baseball ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, and reverence, so that they may be finer, stronger, and happier youth. This purpose is reached by providing supervised, competitive baseball games. Coaches and parents are to bear in mind that attainment of exceptional athletic skill or winning of games will always be secondary to the enjoyment of and participation in the sport of baseball.  

Who is eligible to play in the CBA?

CBA welcomes players from Coppell as well as other communities in the area.  Please note that players who do not live in the city of Coppell will be required to pay a non-resident fee each season, per the City of Coppell Parks and Recreation Dept. 

Who owns and maintains the fields used by CBA?

CBA facilities are provided and maintained by the City of Coppell Parks and Recreation Department. 

How do I register my child for CBA?

Each season (Fall and Spring), CBA players must register on line January (for Spring Season) and August (for Fall Season).   Information regarding registration can be found on our web site, through emails to pervious players or signs posted around the community. 

What is required at the time of registration if a player is new to the league?

In addition to the required registration fee, a birth certificate is required for all new players.

What does CBA provide players?

CBA provides each player a jersey and hat.  Players will need to purchase their own baseball pants (white), baseball cleats (not required for blast ball and t-ball), batting helmet and baseball glove.

Where do we play our games?

Blast Ball-U8 games are played at MacArthur Park, 400 S. MacArthur.

U9-U12 games are played at Wagon Wheel Park (Fields 1 – 5), 345 Freeport.

U14-U18 games are played at Wagon Wheel Park (Field 6), 907 Northpointe.

Where do we practice?

The coach determines practice location and time.  CBA practice fields are located at the following practice field complexes: Wagon Wheel, Moore Road and Mac Park. 

When and at what time do we play city league games?

Spring season teams generally play one weeknight game and one Saturday game.  Weeknight games begin at 6pm and weekend games start at 9:00 am.  CBA makes every effort not to play games on Wednesdays, Sundays or Easter weekend. CBA also makes every effort possible to end its regular season near the same time Coppell schools close for the summer.  Fall season games are only played on Saturday beginning after 3:00pm to minimize conflicts with youth soccer games.   Games schedules are made available each season on the CBA web site. 

How is the Fall season different from the Spring season?

Fall is considered an instructional season, usually has less players and is a shorter season.  Spring is more competitive and has an end of season City Tournament for the U7 and up divisions.  Only Blast Ball and U6 receive participation trophies in the Fall. Blast Ball-U12 receives participation trophies in the Spring.  City Tournament winners will be awarded first and second place trophies.  In the Spring, U5 through U10 ages play age pure.  In the Fall, all ages are grouped together in two-year intervals (ie, U5 and U6, U9 and U10, etc.).  Blast Ball always plays with two age groups 3 and 4 year olds. Fall exception is that U7 and U8 play age pure.

How are teams chosen?

In the Fall, all teams are chosen through a computer-generated draw.  Teams formed for the Fall season do not remain together.  However, we do offer the option for a coach to build their own team (Blast ball - U8) or for players to request a buddy (blast ball and U6 divisions only). Forms are on the front page of the web site to participate in these options.

In the Spring, Blast ball - U6 are chosen through a computer-generated draw; however, build your own team and pick a buddy options are available.  U7-U14 players are chosen through a coaches’ draft.  U7-U14 players will be asked to attend a “coaches look” tryout before being drafted to teams.  

What if my child has never played baseball before?

It is not necessary to have played baseball prior to joining the CBA league.  We have beginners join and start playing baseball at all ages.  Our city leagues are designed to introduce a child to the game of baseball.

All of our age groups require coaches to rotate players in the infield and outfield and to bat the team’s entire roster.  This allows each player the opportunity to play multiple positions and to have multiple at bats during each game.  Therefore, a beginner is not relegated to the bench or one position.

Can my player play up or down a league?

Based on baseball age players are placed into the appropriate league.  No player is allowed play up or down a league.

What set of rules does CBA use?

CBA rules for each age group are located on our web site under RULES.   There are some slight differences between rules used in the Fall and the Spring seasons.  If you have questions regarding any of the CBA rules, please contact your age group commissioner for clarification. 

Who do I call to determine rainout status for games and practices?

Parents should contact the CBA hotline at 972-745-2978.  The hotline will be updated AFTER 3:30 pm on weekdays of BEFORE 7:00 am weekends once the City of Coppell has notified CBA of field status.

What is CBA’s policy in the event of inclement weather conditions during games?

CBA maintains a Skyscan Lightning Detector at both Wagon Wheel and MacArthur Park game fields.  In the event of threatening weather, the CBA field official will monitor the Skycan Lightning Detector. Whenlightning strikes are detected within 8 miles, games will be immediately stopped and the parks will be evacuated.  In the event games are suspended, parents, coaches and players are to immediately go to their vehicles and wait for word as to whether games will be resumed after the inclement weather has passed.

Does CBA have a policy at its game complexes in the event of a missing child?

Yes.  If a child is missing, a CBA field official should be immediately contacted.  The CBA field official will immediately take steps to secure the park and close all entrances until the missing child is located.  If the child is not located within a short period of time, the local police will be contacted.

If I am interested in coaching, what do I need to do?

If you are interested in coaching please fill out a coach’s application on line or call the CBA office at 972-745-8869.  CBA requires that all of its coaches and other parent volunteers to pass a criminal background check before having any contact with the players.

If I am interested in umpiring for CBA, how do I get started?

The CBA uses a third party agency which employs both teenagers and adults as umpires.  If you are interested in being an umpire, please contact the Umpire Manager Wayne Moore Umpire Director at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Does CBA form post season all-star teams?

CBA sponsors the formation of Recreational All-Stars teams for the purpose of participating in tournaments against teams of similar ability from surrounding communities as well as teams from outside of the area.  Play starts at the conclusion of the Recreational City Tournament.  CBA has formed tournament teams for several years.  Prior to the spring 2002 season they were called All-Star teams.  They are now called Post Season Tournament Teams. 

Does CBA offer a higher level of competitive baseball?

CBA also offers a competitive alternative for players who demonstrate the ability to play at a higher level.  This program is known as the Select Team Program.  CBA formed this competitive program due to an increased number of players leaving Coppell for a higher level of competition.  CBA is a member of the Texas Elite Baseball Association (TEBA), a local association comprised of similar select programs, which compete against each other close to or at their home parks.  Because CBA’s primary focus is our recreational program, CBA limits the number of competitive teams it forms per age group (ages 8 to 14) to no more than two (2) teams to ensure the recreational program remains a strong and vibrant program.

U13 and U14 will have a select team if there is enough interest.

CBA also offers a "Premier" league that combines ages 7 & 8 in a higher level of competition from recreational baseball. 

If I have a complaint about a CBA board member, an umpire, a coach or a parent, what can I do?

CBA has implemented a grievance process to give a player, parent or coach a forum to have their complaint heard and acted upon, if warranted, by a neutral body (five members).  Specifically, if someone has a grievance, they are to submit their complaint in writing to CBA within seven days of the event giving rise to the complaint.  The grievance committee will review the complaint, conduct an appropriate investigation, and make an appropriate response to the complaint.  The grievance committee’s decision is the final decision in all cases.

Does CBA raise funds for its operations and facility improvements:

CBA has raises funds through donations from local businesses.  These donations provide the necessary funds to enable CBA to facilitate numerous program/facility improvements including the following items:  

   Four batting cages (2 at Wagon Wheel, 1 at Moore Road practice fields and 1 at MacArthur practice fields) - $49,000

   Three golf or similar carts - $9,800

   Pitching mound covers - $1,400

   Home plate area covers – $3,300

   Shade covering at WW Field 6 - $10,000

   Green fence screens around outfield fences at both game parks - $10,000

   Yellow fence cap around outfield fences at both game parks - $2,000

   Pitcher protection L-screens - $1,400

   Soft-toss nets - $5,400

   Portable pitching mounds - $6,000

   Field rakes - $1,000

   Equipment boxes and concrete - $1,800

   Rolling door for cart/equipment shed - $1,100

   Concession equipment - $2,900

   Miscellaneous equipment (field drag, hoses, water coolers, United States flags, etc.) - $2,000

Because of the budget constraints our city continues to face, these improvements would not have been possible but for the generosity of those businesses that believe in CBA and the youth of our city.  In addition, these donations have helped CBA maintain registration fees at one of the lowest levels in DFW.  Unlike most baseball leagues, CBA also does not require its players or parents to sell any products (ie, candy) in order to raise funds for league operations.

Where can I purchase tickets for concessions for my team?

Tickets are sold in the concession stand once the season has begun.  Prices will be determined at that time.


Late Fees:

Late registrations will be charged a $25 processing fee.


CBA refund policy:

Refunds will be given provided if the request is received in writing before the refund cut off dates posted on the website each season. Refunds will be for the registration fee paid for the player minus a $10 administrative fee. Registration fees cannot be deferred to another season. No refunds will be issued past the posted refund cut off date.

You can request a refund via email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Rainout policy:

Every season we plan weather challenges into our scheduling.  It is CBA policy to allow for 2 "rainout" games in the Spring season.  For example in the spring we generally schedule 12 games but won't makeup games unless we drop below a 10 game season per team. If we have no rainouts, everyone will play 12 games. In the Fall season, we will provide one extra weekend for rainouts.

Notice to Parents and Visitors:

Please make efforts to be safe, lock your cars and hide valuables.  The Coppell Police Department has notified us that there have been reports of break-ins at area fields. 

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