Unassigned batting cages times may be scheduled by registered CBA teams by contacting Chris Nester at Chris.Nester@sabre.com.

Non-CBA teams will need to provide the following prior to conducting any authorized practice at a Coppell practice facility;

  • Team residency roster.

  • Affidavit verifying all coaches, assistant coaches and adult volunteers have had a clear background check completed, in accordance with City policy, within the last year.

  • Proof of insurance.

  • Pay a field usage fee of $15 per player. The fee is good for an entire season (Fall or Spring).

The cages are located at Wagon Wheel Game Field #6. For directions click here. To access the cages you must have the code to the combination lock. The code will be provided to the coaches when time slots are assigned. Coaches should not give out the combination code to others.

Please ensure the door with the combination lock is shut when you leave the cages and turn off all lights. 

Cages 1 and 2 on Saturdays are reserved for game warm-up for those teams playing games that day. Cages 1 and 2 all day Sunday are available on a first come, first serve basis. Please limit use during Saturdays to 30 minutes per team so that all teams have an opportunity to warm-up.    


  • All players when inside a cage are to wear batting helmets.
  • No more than 2 players are to be inside a cage--one hitting and one pitching.  Again, both must wear helmets.
  • Maintain a 30 foot no practice perimeter around the cages when the cages are in use.
  • Any player throwing soft toss must wear a helmet.  This applies to inside the cage as well as outside the cage.
  • Soft toss from outside the cage into the batting cage netting is no longer allowed.