1. Any official, member or guest of the CBA using profane language, demonstrating unsportsmanlike conduct, and/or under the influence of intoxicating beverages/substances at the ball park (practice fields, playing field or in the stands) will be subject to immediate ejection and disciplinary action from the CBA Board. A CBA member must report this conduct in writing to the commissioner of the league within 24 hours.
  2. Use of tobacco products is not permitted on the playing field or in the dugout by anyone during league games or practices.
  3. CBA has implemented a grievance process to give a player, parent or coach a forum to have their complaint heard and acted upon, if warranted, by a neutral body (five members).  Specifically, if someone has a grievance, they are to submit their complaint in writing to CBA within seven days of the event giving rise to the complaint.  The grievance committee will review the complaint, conduct an appropriate investigation, and make an appropriate response to the complaint.  The grievance committee’s decision is the final decision in all cases.


  1. Please make efforts to be safe, lock your cars and hide valuables.  The Coppell Police Department has notified us that there have been reports of break-ins at area fields. 
  2. CBA is not resposible for any damage to cars as a result a foul ball.
  3. CBA maintains a Skyscan Lightning Detector at both Wagon Wheel and MacArthur Park game fields.  In the event of threatening weather, the CBA field official will monitor the Skycan Lightning Detector. When lightning strikes are detected within 8 miles, games will be immediately stopped and the parks will be evacuated.  In the event games are suspended, parents, coaches and players are to immediately go to their vehicles and wait for word as to whether games will be resumed after the inclement weather has passed.
  4. If a child is missing, a CBA field official should be immediately contacted.  The CBA field official will immediately take steps to secure the park and close all entrances until the missing child is located.  If the child is not located within a short period of time, the local police will be contacted.