Why does CBA hold "Coaches Look" for recreational leagues?

The Coaches Look is a successful tool used for competitive balance, to help coaches when drafting players for Recreational teams.  

The format, which is both positive and informal, provides independent evaluators an opportunity to evaluate player skills prior to team selection. Players will bat, field, throw, and run during evaluations and should dress appropriately bringing a baseball glove and batting helmet. Although most players bring a personal bat, it is not required and there will be bats available.

Players are broken into groups and run through stations such as:

  • Batting 
  • Infield (fielding and throwing SS to 1ST)
  • Infield (fielding at 1st)
  • Outfield (catching and throwing to 2nd)
  • Baserunning (through 1st and 1st to 3rd)
  • Pitching (U9 and up)

Evaluators are focused less on the result and more on "how" a player performs at each station.

If a player does not attend Player Evaluations, he or she will be drafted in the blind.  See the draft FAQ for additional details.


What happens during player evaluations?

Player evaluations are not intended to be a thorough evaluation rather it is used a means to gauge basic skills in an attempt to ensure player safety and fair competition.  Players are asked to:

  • Batting - approximately 5-10 pitches per participant (mechanics, contact)
  • Run - through first base (form, speed)
  • Run - 1st to 3rd base (form, speed)
  • Infield - field approximately 3-5 grounders and throw SS to 1st base (mechanics, arm strength/accuracy)
  • Infield - receive approximately 3-5 throws from SS (mechanics)
  • Outfield - field approximately 3-5 fly balls / throw to 2nd base (mechanics, arm strength/accuracy)
  • Pitching (U9 and up) - approximately 5-10 pitches  (motion, control, speed)

Tips for a fun and relaxed evaluation: 

  • Relax and have fun.  Everyone is drafted.  Evaluations are used to ensure competitive balance.
  • Wear baseball practice attire:  cleats, hat, baseball pants, sweatshirt if cold not a jacket
  • Have all equipment, glove, bat, helmet, batting gloves, etc.
  • Arrive 15-20 minutes earlier than your assigned time
  • Have your player warmed up and ready to go at their assigned time
  • Check in as soon as you arrive for Player Evaluations
  • Allow 1-2 hours for the process
  • Be supportive of your player